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  • Fleur de Lys Pewter Theme Fleur de Lys Pewter Theme The Fleur de Lys, a stylized symbol of a lily or iris, is a very popular European symbol that has historically appeared on many flags and coats of arms all over Europe. It is perhaps best known as a sign of the French monarchy which is why we think it is perfect for any queen or king of the kitchen!
  • Bird Pewter Theme Bird Pewter Theme A sweet little bird perches in the bowl of each spoon and on the handle of each cup in these pewter measuring sets. The displays are designed to be branch-like adding to the the natural look of these very cute measuring sets.
  • Vineyard Pewter Theme Vineyard Pewter Theme The Vineyard theme is the natural choice for any wine lover! The organic, curling, vine motif is wonderfully detailed and will add a beautiful flair to any kitchen.
  • Celtic Pewter Theme Celtic Pewter Theme Often seen as a symbol of Irish, Scottish or Welsh identity, the Celtic Cross pewter theme makes for an appealing design that speaks to an ancient history. Celtic crosses symbolize the bridge to the “other world” or “worlds” and also to higher energy and knowledge- making this theme the perfect gift for a student of the kitchen!
  • Hearts Pewter Theme Hearts Pewter Theme Do you know someone who just LOVES cooking or baking? These very cute measuring spoons and measuring cups have little hearts all along handles and are the perfect gift for anyone with a big heart!
  • Dragonfly Pewter Theme Dragonfly Pewter Theme Dragonfly symbolism is incredibly varied throughout the world. In Europe they have historically been seen as very sinister creatures while in japan they are symbolic of courage, strength and happiness. To certain Native American tribes they signify agility and swiftness. Whatever they mean to you, these whimsical and charming long-handled measuring spoons and cups are sure to delight any cook, baker or chef!
  • Fish Pewter Theme Fish Pewter Theme Fish can symbolize anything from adaptability to transformation and creation to happiness and freedom but whatever they mean to you, the fish adorning these pewter measuring cups are sure to add a bit of fun and creativity to any kitchen.
  • Moose Pewter Theme Moose Pewter Theme Moose have become more numerous here in vermont over the last 30 years. They are big, docile vegetarians. They plod alongside muddy stream banks and are most often seen at dusk. The Tin Woodsman moose design makes for very fun measuring spoon and measuring cup sets. The wall mount pewter rack has a unique mountain design.