All About Tin Woodsman Pewter

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List of Kitchen Gift Ideas

Tin Woodsman Pewter creates more than measuring spoons and cups. Their designs carry through into a growing collection. Poke around and you will discover decorative and practical pewter tools for your kitchen, bath and around the home.

  • Pewter measuring cup sets
  • Pewter measuring spoon sets
  • Pet food scoops
  • Coffee scoops with hooks
  • Tea scoops with hooks
  • Ceramic storage containers
  • Ceramic utensil crocks
  • Ceramic salt pots

Tin Woodsman Styles – Themes in Pewter Every Cook will Love

Make your everyday kitchen activities special or give a measuring spoon set as a housewarming gift. Paula Deen, from the TV show Cooking With Paula Deen uses them in her TV kitchen. The measuring cups and spoons are crafted in several different themes. Each theme is listed as a link to the left and along the top. Click “All Themes” on the left or top menu to compare designs side by side. Click any of the themes to see all the pieces available within that theme.

Display Your Pewter Measuring Cups

Tin Woodsman pewter measuring spoons and cups look good and feel good in your hand. They are accurate for measuring and dishwasher safe. You could put them in your kitchen drawer but why not also make them part of the decor and leave them out? In every theme, you may choose from:

  • Pewter post for the counter top
  • Pewter strip to mount on the wall
  • Pewter super post that holds both spoons and cups

Enjoy your explorations!

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